Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Another Camping Trip!?!

Ok so we're all still really tired and we got our "Humom" to load photos from out latest trek! This time we went into the woods of the Orca Islands. (2 hours north and about 1.5 of ferry before we got there... thats a lot of time for 2 dogs in the car) We stayed in Moran State Park by Cascade Lake. Nala of course was nervous, and Tanner did lots of sniffing and swimming while mom and dad canoed! We saw several deer (which Tanner scared away) near our site, and on our walks.

Look where we're going!

Hey, Where's Nala?


There she is! Why were you hiding?

Looking on Cascade Lake, near where our campsite was!

Our morning walk to waterfalls!

The Deer Tanner scared away!