Monday, February 20, 2012

New Puzzle Toy

Mom got us another puzzle toy... needless to say it doesn't take us long to figure them out. We only pretend to not be smart so when Mom puts treats in the "smart" toys we get them real fast!  We got her tricked real good!

The New Toy...

Nala working it out!
Maybe if I use my teeth...
If only my paw will move things...
Tanner smells something good!
It's right under my nose!!!! Just come out

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Nosy Neighbors!

We're very aware of what's going on in our neighborhood. We are good members of the neighborhood watch... we watch EVERYTHING...  the birds, the cats, other dogs, as well as all our neighbors. Those pesky skate boarders and high schoolers who think walking in the middle of the road is safe. 

We also watch these unusual characters....
We have very nice birds!  This one scares our dad sometimes!
That's a big cat...
Someone was walking this 
He took our sunning spot.
Look at these weird squirrels, mom calls Lemurs. 

If you had these animals in your yard... wouldn't you be watching too?
~Nala and Tanner