Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Water Dogs

Yesterday the puppies had their first foray into water. We attempted this a few times before, first near Cedar River, and another in a little kid pool at the dog park. Neither dog seemed interested to be in or near the water. This all changed yesterday morning when we took the kiddos to Magnuson Park in the U-district. 

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Our doggies... the models!

Today Nala and Tanner had a photo shoot with Alyssa Rose for some pro shots of our puppies! Nala of course wasn't participating more than she had to be! Tanner didn't seem to care about the photographer or the flashing lights... all he wanted was the loofa dog (bobo in the petsmart commercials the video is below) which we got for Nala once and she destroyed it!?! 

We'll see how the photos come out in a week but we hope all is well! Tomorrow we're going on a trek to Magnusson Park to see if they will go into the water on Lake Washington.  Hopefully we'll post photos tomorrow! LOL

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wordless Wednesday!

Ball? Ball?  Mommy has 3 balls!?!

Tanner decides he wants one ball!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

My Saturday Morning Cartoons!

The weather broke, and is finally at a dog friendly temperature which leads to playing in our home again!  While most kids watch Saturday morning cartoons, these two are who entertain me in the morning! 

It makes me laugh because it is rare that you find a toy that they both want at the same time. Usually, one will play and the other ignores it but to do this for 30 minutes thus far is just awesome!  I'm sorry if it takes a while to load!

Sweet Pea

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hot Day! Cool Snacks!

So today is another hot day! (It said 92 degrees F in my car not 10 minutes ago) So what does a puppy mommy do? I made frozen treats!  I got the recipe for a book I've borrowed from the library called, "You Bake 'Em Dog Biscuits Cookbook" by Janine Adams.  These are pupsicles found on page 65.  I only made 1/2 the amount they suggested.  All they took was 16 oz of non fat yogurt (I used natural); 1 banana smashed; 1/4 cup natural unsalted peanut butter; and 1 tablespoon of honey. The recipe said put them in  those 3 oz dixie cups but I used our funky shaped ice trays. LOL Just leave them in freezer till hardened (about 2 hours) and my dogs ate them up.

This is the ice tray that is designed to allow the "cube" to be round so it can fit into a bottle.
I also used a puzzle shaped mold like below!

This morning the pups were on the couch watching the news about how warm today was going to be... they didn't look too impressed!

After breakfast, Tanner got to spend the day at Day Camp in the Petsmart Pet Hotel. So he got to play in a cool place while Nala and I went for a tiny stroll but found it too warm to do too much! (Nala still has puppy warts and therefore she can't go to day camp) We were hoping that the beach was unoccupied to give Nala the opportunity to see if she liked water but alas other people had the same idea and Nala wouldn't have gone in due to the insecurity of the strangers around her! So we walked the trail!

Along the trail we've noticed it was snowing... in 80+ degree weather! LOL Well there seems to be some white stuff floating around and we didn't know what it was!?!  It kind of looks like snow but we think it comes from that branch below!?! 

If anyone can help us identify this strange white snow stuff, please let us know what it is!?! 

Stay Cool, Sweet Pea

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Finding some Space

We've found some space on the couch! Of course the dogs get the most of it, but we're happy with our one little cushion and/or being a pillow!

Fiance has managed to squeeze himself on the couch!

In finding my place on the couch, I have been reduced to a pillow for Tanner!

All seems to be well, as I type this, Nala is playing keep away with Tanner's cookie (not eating or chewing it, just keeping it away) My guess is this is her way of making him play.  The temperatures are getting quite warm and we need to buy Nala a GPS collar before we can take her to the one park with a beach front so she can swim and play. Having lost Nala back in November, makes Mama wary of letting her out of her sight.  The park is so big, that you could lose sight of her! 

On Nala's Puppy Warts: We're keeping a close eye on Tanner. He doesn't appear to have them.  Nala doesn't seem to be bothered by them now but they are still small. If they get too large thus preventing her from eating or drinking, we'll have to go to the Vet to get them removed. Here's hoping she's a lucky one who only has it for a couple of weeks than those who wait almost 2 months. 

Doggies don't seem to like to heat. Nala doesn't seem to mind but this isn't her first summer, Tanner on the other doesn't seem to want to get up off the floor! LOL If he had access to the linoleum in the kitchen or bathrooms, I wouldn't think he would move too much!  I don't know what to do with them. 

Have a beautiful day, everyone! Try to keep the pooches cool!