Thursday, January 29, 2015

Blizzard 2015

In snowy conditions, we need to sit where hu-mom is!
Tanner in the snow with his booties!
Nala has her booties too!

It's so fluffy!
"You can't get me Nala!"
"Nala can't see me in this snow bank."

"I'm coming to get you Tanner!?"

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

New Home... Lots of snow!

It's been awhile and we're sorry for that, but we've had lots going on in 2014!  We were at the Petsmart Pets Hotel A LOT!  Hu-mom and Hu-dad were doing a lot of traveling. They went to visit several homes before they found our perfect one!  Then they went on a cruise (without us) and took photos with other dogs named Pluto and Goofy... weird dogs with weird names!  Then we drove across the country and saw places like Chicago.  We've finally settled into our new home where we've gotten lots of snow, more than before!

Our new front door! 

With lots of snow means its cold... we got a heating throw on our couch.

Sven and Nala watching for more animals like deer, chipmunks, and neighbors' dogs.

The air is colder here so we both need booties!