Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Finding some Space

We've found some space on the couch! Of course the dogs get the most of it, but we're happy with our one little cushion and/or being a pillow!

Fiance has managed to squeeze himself on the couch!

In finding my place on the couch, I have been reduced to a pillow for Tanner!

All seems to be well, as I type this, Nala is playing keep away with Tanner's cookie (not eating or chewing it, just keeping it away) My guess is this is her way of making him play.  The temperatures are getting quite warm and we need to buy Nala a GPS collar before we can take her to the one park with a beach front so she can swim and play. Having lost Nala back in November, makes Mama wary of letting her out of her sight.  The park is so big, that you could lose sight of her! 

On Nala's Puppy Warts: We're keeping a close eye on Tanner. He doesn't appear to have them.  Nala doesn't seem to be bothered by them now but they are still small. If they get too large thus preventing her from eating or drinking, we'll have to go to the Vet to get them removed. Here's hoping she's a lucky one who only has it for a couple of weeks than those who wait almost 2 months. 

Doggies don't seem to like to heat. Nala doesn't seem to mind but this isn't her first summer, Tanner on the other doesn't seem to want to get up off the floor! LOL If he had access to the linoleum in the kitchen or bathrooms, I wouldn't think he would move too much!  I don't know what to do with them. 

Have a beautiful day, everyone! Try to keep the pooches cool!

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