Thursday, March 18, 2010

Fun New Stuff

New Cigar for Tanner (it's really faux)

New Collars for Nala and Tanner! Nala's is very regal and pretty, Tanner has some fun drinks on them! Including Beer like his daddy likes to drink!

Tanner really enjoyed the sunshine today! As did we all!
But Mom wasn't left out in the new stuff department, she got new earrings and new t-shirt with a pirate dog on it!

This post has been approved by Tanner!


  1. Nice ceegar! Where did your mom find the new collars? Very stylish!

  2. Mom got them at Zak and Zoee or something like that!?! Mine's pretty cool, Nala's looks like Dad's tie so her's is lame but I like mine. Maybe your mom could go there and find a cool one for you too!