Monday, May 3, 2010


Sharing is not an easy concept for us. (Ok really not easy for Nala, I know how to share my toys) Though she may seem shy and sweet, she's really a mean girl. She has all the humans confused, treating her special because she's "so scared!" It's a ploy I tell you for her to conquer the world... one toy at a time!

Here I am, playing with my new toy, minding my business!

I mean just look below, she has me in a head lock and though mom didn't catch it, she totally knows how to use her hips to get her way!

She just won't let me have MY toy even though she was playing with my other toy!

And here she's trying to have both toys... Nala isn't a nice girl at all!

I think I have the right to not have to share all my toys with the likes of her, I know when mom brings them home for me and says that they are for us, she really means they are mine. Nala of course thinks it means they are hers because she's the big sister! Doesn't she know that big sister stuff gets old!?!

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  1. Look like totally fun toys! My big sister' name is Nala, also! Crazy!