Sunday, September 25, 2011

Dogtoberfest in Fremont

We all (humans included) went to the Dogtoberfest in Fremont. Mom went to try to get Tanner to become a Cover Model for her favorite magazine City Dog.  Dad went to try new beers!  In fact there were a few new beers he's adding to his regular favorites. We sniffed a lot of butts and made our way through the crowds trying to get some curly fries (Mom was a hawk) Nala was real nervous but Dad thinks its good practice for not just her but for people to realize not all skittish dogs are abused.  Tanner was super friendly and got pet A LOT!

Our favorite part: People thought Nala and I were a breed of our own!  The fun began when people tried to tell us what they thought we were! Most Common: part Ridgeback, part Pitt, part Shepherd, part lab!

Dad and I! We were at the Movin' 92.5 tent! I rolled over for a treat bag!

They even let us take a family picture too!

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  1. Man! I can't believe we missed each other! There were some REALLY GOOD IPAs there. Glad you all had fun!