Sunday, December 11, 2011

Red & Rover

Mom thinks this comic about this funny yellow dog is really about Tanner, I couldn't agree more... he uses his wiles to get her and dad to do what he wants!

I hope Tanner's wiles gets us some more treats for Christmas (as I, Nala) have been put on the "Naughty List" after mom caught me sneaking and cleaning my training treat bag tonight!



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  1. Perhaps it's in the name...we are just meant to be naughty!! BOL! Thanks for visiting my blog...Mom says to tell your Momma that it's definitely possible to still live happily with both a dog and new baby but she said she was pretty abrupt with me in the beginning when I would get too close to baby. I can definitely attest to this, but now that Joslyn is older Mom has mellowed out although she still doesn't allow me to lick her face. :(
    Anyway, hope you all have a wonderful holiday!