Monday, May 25, 2009


This is a blog about my cute and cuddly dogs, Nala and Tanner. They are 6 months apart and not related biologically!  (Popular Question) This blog is mostly for pictures and comments from their every day escapades to the dog park, morning car rides to day camp and in house fun. 

The pups:

Nala is quite the shy girl.  She loves her mama (yay me) but is cautious of other people. We lost Nala for 32 days in November/December of last year which now makes Mama cautious to take her to large and unfenced dog parks. Luckily for me and Nala, we got help from some people in Missing Pets Partnerships by lending us a device to catch her! She's been contently living at home every since.

Tanner is our rambunctious little rascal that we have added to our household in early April!  He's the sweetest thing but I struggle with whether he likes me or not. He loves toys, and treats and attention from strangers. Right now, he's taking puppy classes which I hope to be a fun and bonding experience to the both of us. 

I (SweetPea) am using this site to display camera obsession with my new children and the crazy things I do to make them happy! LOL


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