Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

Now we'll admit that we're not big fans of this day. Not that humans shouldn't be happy about their Independence but the fireworks are another story! Really do we need them EVERYWHERE? Some of us (at least Nala and Tanner) are trying to relax and get some rest.

The poppers started early this morning but that's to be expected on such a day!  But Mom got up and put some clothes on and took us away from the noise! We went on a few trips to tire us out before the worst of the festivities begins.  We started at Starbucks (Dad needed his Venti Americano) and our day started at the Reber Ranch Dog Park!  Afterwards, we hit Lake Wilderness for a little swimming and grass rolling and ended up at Issaquah's Petco because Poo Poo Point trail was crazy busy! Mom got Nala a calming collar which seems to be helpful in the house (that and all the pre-popper stuff)  so now we're chillin' couch-side napping our afternoon away.  There are some scary noises out there but at least we have our Mom and Dad and that seems to be helping a lot!

That turquoise collar is the calming thing. Even if the pheromone isn't working, the Lavendar Chamomile smell probably helps Nala some.

This morning was too much excitement for us!

Hope you all have a safe 4th of July!  Stay away from poppers and always go back to you Humoms and dads!

Not a Dog's Best friend!

~Nala and Tanner


  1. Is that Tanner in the second photo? He looks very Ridgeback in that pose! Glad you both were able to chill out during the fireworks.

  2. Thanks Remi... we survived! I (Tanner) get that a lot. In fact, Nala does too! Being a rescue, we're really not 100% sure of what we are and Mom and Dad don't want to get our DNA checked in case we move to a state that has anti-pitbull laws.