Tuesday, July 12, 2011

New Toy

So Mama lost my favorite toy/treat dispenser. But because she was feeling bad, she got me one new toy last night.  Unfortunately for Mom, I'm food motivated and it took me 5 minutes to figure this new toy out. (It took Nala 10 with smaller treats)

This is Jolly Pets Monster Mouth 4" for Medium to Large Dogs
Nala working on the first New Toy.
Nala concentrating really hard!

Today Mama got me "Linkables" and I'm not having an easy time getting my treats out! (In my defense it's my first time and there are no big holes just a few little ones.  This just means when it's rainy out, mom has something for us to work on! 

New Busy Buddy Linkables (next to our indoor Chuckit! Donut) 
What's that Tanner? ~ Nala

Tanner working REALLY hard!
But we'd like a moment of silence for our missing friend. Hopefully we'll find you!

Tanner with his Missing Friend!

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  1. Those treat-dispensing toys are the best! We've heard good things about the Monster Mouth. I have Starmark Everlasting Fun ball and Everlasting Bento ball that mom uses to torture me.